Preparation of a report on the deviation of the imputed to the actual useful lives of secondary technology in the electricity sector

According to Appendix 1 of the Stromnetzentgeltverordnung (StromNEV), the imputed depreciation periods for individual assets are set in a range of 20 to 25 years. In the network area of the TEN, however, discrepancies between the imputed depreciation periods of the secondary technical assets and the actual service life in the area of secondary technology can be recognized. This leads to the conclusion that the operting lives used for the assessment of the secondary technology do not adequately represent the actual depreciation of these assets.

As part of a regulatory analysis, the theoretical background to the meaning and purpose of imputed useful lives is first worked out. It then takes the Classification in the regulatory context. The situation of the TEN is always mirrored in the international “best practice” in terms of depreciation periods of secondary technology. In order to substantiate the argument, as far as possible, in addition to the qualitative description of the effects of different operating lives, a quantitative assessment is also carried out. The technical analysis of real operating lives of secondary technology comprises the following pillars:

  • Research of freely accessible literature and scientific publications
  • Derivation of operating lives in the context of the energy transition and other future challenges
  • Evaluation of own practical experience
  • Survey among partners (network operators, manufacturers)

In addition, E-Bridge organizes project meetings and provides documentation of the results.

The report prepared by E-Bridge represents the discrepancy between imputed and technical operating lives and offers clear recommendations for action with regard to the adaptation of the StromNEV. The results are used on the one hand in a possible amendment procedure of the StromNEV and on the other hand as part of a cost review procedure for the revenue cap electricity for the third regulatory period as basis of argument for different operating lives. According to the TEN, the actual technical operating lives should apply to secondary technology. If an amendment / amendment to the StromNEV is pending, the report should be submitted in the context of consultations and in the political discussion.

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