Wholesale Markets

Wholesale Markets

Wholesale Markets

The European electricity market and its participants are facing new challenges. The market is undergoing integration – at the wholesale level and in the area of control energy markets – and support for generation from renewable energy sources is rapidly increasing. In addition, network development at the transmission and distribution levels is attracting increasing public scrutiny, and there is growing awareness that regulation needs to be effective and efficient if the ongoing energy-system transition is to be a success.

A comprehensive consulting portfolio

Advancing the development of energy markets and their regulatory framework is a task that calls for both economic and technical expertise and extensive practical experience. Our consultants support clients in a) evaluating current market rules, instruments and tariffs, and network regulation; b) in helping to refine such market frameworks; and c) in identifying the necessary conditions for supply security. E-Bridge’s consulting services, carried out with the help of proprietary tools, thus also cover regulatory management and regulatory due diligence.

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