Wholesale Markets

Wholesale Markets

Wholesale Markets

The integration of the European electricity market both at wholesale and in the area of balancing energy markets, combined with a rapid increase in subsidized production of renewable energy sources, presents the market and its participants with new challenges. Network development at transmission and distribution grid levels is more than ever the focus of public interest and requires effective and efficient regulation for a successful energy transition.

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The combination of outstanding economic and technical expertise, coupled with many years of practical experience, is the ideal prerequisite for promoting the development of energy markets and their regulatory framework. Our team assists clients in evaluating and refining current market rules and instruments, defining the framework for security of supply, addressing technology portfolio issues, and – most importantly – strategic direction. E-Bridge sees itself as a pioneer of innovation – not only in the electricity sector, but also in sector coupling. Due Diligences using own tools are also part of the E-Bridge’s portfolio.

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