TSO Security Cooperation Initiative of eleven European transmission system operators in Central Europe

13 international transmission system operators (TSOs) wants to improve the cooperation and coordination in the field of network security (against the background of various major blackouts in the past). Corresponding cooperation agreements, business processes for Day-Ahead Congestion Forecast (DACF) and Intraday Congestion Forecast (IDCF) as well as IT specification, implementation and operational concepts for a common IT system (CTDS) should be created by the different working groups. The external project management incl. PMO (Project Management Office) to implement the ambitious and very tight schedule in order to achieve the different objectives is provided by E-Bridge.

The incorporated areas of expertise include:

  • Project management, management of working groups and experts, facilitation of meetings, chairmanship of work groups, creating templates for decisions.
  • Definition of business and organizational models (Governance), development of cooperation agreements, business processes as well as IT systems and communications architectures.
  • Creating IT specifications, content/conceptual consulting as well as quality assurance in design specifications, test specifications and user training.
  • Implementation, monitoring and process redesign/optimization in the area of network operation planning.

The aim is to improve the cooperation of 13 TSO’s in the field of operative network operations planning (DACF, IDCF) and the introduction and operation of a common platform for the exchange of data and network security calculation. In addition, the improvement of the quality of the congestion forecast and data quality and the replacement of local TSO systems. Further concepts and processes for Multilateral redispatch measures (MRA’s) incl. cost-sharing mechanisms were developed and implemented.

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