E-Bridge supports a Transmission System Operator in the optimization of processes and organisation structures in the system management

The Transmission System Operator (TSO) plans an analysis and optimization of business processes and organizational structures in the System Operation department with the objective to establish business process excellence and best practice structures in the time horizon 2020. Subject of the analysis is on the one hand the analysis of the current status quo, for which some analysis areas have already been identified. Furthermore additional analysis areas need to be identified by the consultant. In addition to the optimization of the status quo the consultant need to propose adjustments that need to be implemented in order perform optimal business processes and establish efficient organizational structures in the System Operation department.

The project approach is divided into four project phases.

  • Phase 1 (Documentation of current status)
  • Phase 2 (analysis status quo and definition of future business requirements)
  • Phase 3 (target landscape)
  • Phase 4 (TSO-TSO best practice comparison)

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