MLTOP Implementation Project

E-Bridge provides IT project management services for TSC (Transmission System Operator Security Cooperation) related to the realisation of the MLTOP tool (Medium-Long Term Operational Planning).

The overall project goal is split into two sub-goals. On the one hand data exchange formats and processes between Transmission System Operators (TSOs) shall be aligned. On the other hand a common database for planned unavailability of critical grid elements, the MLTOP tool shall be installed by the involved TSOs.

After the development of a technical implementation document which describes the functional requirements of the MLTOP tool a request for proposals to hire a service provider is issued. The service provider develops subsequently the technical specificities together with the project core team and experts from the TSO-side. The MLTOP tool is implemented in three stages, whereas E-Bridge provides support for the first two implementation stages, the Light and the Intermediate Approach.

E-Bridge is responsible for overall project management including administrative and coordinative tasks as well as for the on-time delivery of products. The services are described in the following:

  • Management and coordination of the project team, contact and progress updates to stakeholders inside and outside the project, preparation of progress reports and risk reports
  • Content support operational planning topics
  • Overall responsibility for coordination of the request for proposals and preparation of the request for proposals
  • Coordination of service provider selection in particular also coordination of the setting of selection criteria


E-Bridge had already provided similar services to TSC for the development of the CTDS system (Common Tool for data management and security assessment) since the beginning of 2009.

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