Optimization business processes gas and IT implementation

In recent years, the customer has successfully built up its natural gas business. Beginning with the new gas year (as of 1. October 2014) a significant expansion of the portfolio over the range of services to third parties will commence. For that the customer requires a tailor-made and efficient IT system for the settlement of the day-to-day business and for the efficient support of business processes gas. In future the system should also support the processes in the electricity.

Within the project an analysis of the existing process and IT system landscape and the identification of additional business process requirements were initially performed. In the upstream business process analysis, E-Bridge has recorded, analyzed and documented the current business processes (actual process analysis). With regard to the new requirements (including service fee activities) the requirements to the target-process-landscape were specified and documented. The basic requirements of the new IT system were defined.

The results from the analysis of process and IT system landscape as well as the IT requirements were the basis for developing the IT specification. In this specification, the functional and non-functional requirements for the new IT system have been defined and complemented with use cases (especially with regard to services for third parties).

In advance of the invitation to tender corresponding potential system suppliers were evaluated and probed using criteria. In response to the invitation E-Bridge has successfully accompanied the customer in every phase of the tendering process, among others preparation of tender documents as well as preparation and moderation of the presentations of supplier.

E-Bridge will be responsible for quality management in the preparation of IT requirements specification by the system provider while the IT Implementation. The further course of the IT implementation is supported by E-Bridge as needed.

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