Energy Transition Outlook 2035 and network vision 2050

E-Bridge supported 50Hertz in the development of an Energy Transition Outlook 2035 and the network vision 2050. To meet the electricity, decarbonisation and renewable policy objectives of the German government, significant grid development in the transmission system will be required. There are different approaches to reach these policy objectives. E-Bridge supported 50Hertz based on its transmission network planning experience with the energy scenarios and network aspects of reaching the targets.

The study encompasses a range of expectations of different but realistic scenarios for the energy transition in Germany. Based on this range, the study illustrates the consequences of these scenarios and draws conclusions for efficient network investments onshore and offshore for 50Hertz until 2035.

E-Bridge supported 50Hertz in the development of the network vision 2050. In close collaboration with the client, E-Bridge reviewed and updated the scenarios and supported 50Hertz in market- and grid analyses. The review of the scenarios and the classification of the newest developments were based on future expectations for TSOs and DSOs. The outlook for 2050 was developed to determine how the ambitious climate goals can be reached without any further significant grid investments after 2035, considering innovations, new technology, digitalisation and sector coupling.

The services provided demonstrated E-Bridge’s expertise in network planning/development, including Offshore Planning and Integration. It further demonstrated E-Bridge deep understanding of the existing technologies available and appreciation for the opportunities and challenges that new technologies will offer in terms of accommodating increased demand and generation on the network.

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