Implementation support of a BESS by Eneco for the market roles BRP and BSP

Eneco currently holds a Balance Responsible Party (BRP) trading license in Germany. Eneco or a subsidiary aims to operate a large scale battery/ Battery energy storage system (BESS). This battery shall be included in Eneco’s balancing group (1.) and provide balancing services (2.). Eneco aims to assess the required effort to perform in the desired market roles for the operation of the BESS. With the help of this analysis, Eneco shall be enabled with the required knowledge to take further steps for the implementation and operation of the BESS.

The analysis is divided into two parts as Eneco wants to act as two separate market roles. One gap analysis identifies the required steps from the status quo (BRP with trading license) to become a BRP with full license and the BESS allocated to balancing group. The other gap analysis focusses on the identification of required steps to become a Balance Service Provider (BSP) for Frequency Containment Reserve (FCR; formerly PCR) and Automatic Frequency Restoration Reserve (aFRR; formerly SCR). The two types of analysis comprise all relevant processes, contractual and regulatory aspects and IT-system adjustments. The analysis for balancing services comprehends as well the analysis of the prequalification process. For the analysis both publically available data and confidential information by other market participants were included in the process of both types of analysis and the respective reports.

E-Bridge has provided a comprehensive report for both market roles, the market role of a BRP with full scope and the BSP. The requirements of both market roles were mirrored at the current status quo. Thus required steps to be taken by Eneco Trading B.V. were identified from today’s point of view. The report contains as well an outlook of potential changes of requirements in the near future. E-Bridge offered to accompany Eneco Trading B.V. in its way for the further/full implementation of the BESS.

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