Network Business Workshop 4.0

The energy industry is in a period of change. The megatrends of decarbonization, decentralization, digitalization, and autarky are driving the developments. For the distribution network of a distribution system operator, strong decentralization means highly volatile load flows and their effects, such as network congestion, which must be controlled by intelligent management – all subject to increasing competitive forces. The new scope of duties requires an adaptation of the strategic direction of network business with regard to structure and personnel.

The goal of the workshop is to give an overview of the “state of the art” in operative network business and demonstrate the related efficiency potential.

The following four components formed the foundation for the workshop:

  1. Current processes in operative network business and commonly related inefficiencies were illustrated.
  2. Future challenges for operative network business posed by developments in the energy landscape are presented.
  3. State of the art in operative network business: entry of digitalization into the operative processes and the related potential efficiencies were demonstrated.
  4. Best practice in asset management systems: Value orientation in operative network business and efficiency gains from a risk management system.

Based on these four components, approaches to the necessary further developments in structure and personnel with regard to operative network business were created within the Workshop.

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Relevant Publications & References

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