Baltic FB prefeasibility study

The Transmission System Operators (TSOs) of the Baltic States (Elering AS, AS „Augstsprieguma tīkls”, and Litgrid AB) initiated a joint prefeasibility study in order to investigate the possibility or impossibility of flow-based capacity calculation methodology implementation for day-ahead and intraday market operations within the Baltic Capacity Calculation Region (CCR).

The study shall provide a basis for reasoned proposal for a common coordinated capacity calculation methodology to the regulators of Baltic CCR.

E-Bridge Consulting provided the following deliverables:

  • Weekly progress reports,
  • Study reports,
  • Study power flow cases and results (PSS/E),
  • Python scripts, macros,
  • MATLAB scripts,
  • Flow-based (FB) parameters, and
  • Powerpoint presentations for meetings and workshops.

E-Bridge Consulting participated in the project in two phases

  • Step 1: Analysis on technical feasibility;
  • Step 2: Simulation of FB capacity calculation and allocation and comparison with the Coordinated Net Transfer Capacity (CNTC) approach.

Step 2 will only to be initiated, if Step 1 shows that the FB capacity calculation methodology is technically feasible to be applied in the Baltic states.

In the first step, E-Bridge concluded that the FB methodology is technically feasible to be applied in the Baltic States by evaluating the Baltic current capacity calculation methodology and how the FB methodology could be applied in the Baltic States. The conclusion provided sufficient comfort to move the project into the next step. In Step 2, E-Bridge actively managed/ facilitated the whole FB capacity calculation process. Starting from creating PSSE / Python scripts for FB capacity calculation and MATLAB scripts for post-processing, actually running the FB capacity calculations for four months, facilitating the TSOs to simulate the FB market coupling simulations, to interpreting the simulation outcome by comparing the market efficiency and the power system impact between FB and Net Transfer Capacity (NTC) methodologies. Based on the overall assessment and recommendations from E-Bridge, the Baltic TSOs are able to reason the final Capacity Calculation Methodology (CCM) proposal with the regulators for approval. As an additional study request from the Baltic TSOs, E-Bridge provided insights on how the third countries (e.g. Russia, Belarus) impact the Baltic grids (under FB) with different market scenarios.

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Relevant Publications & References

Seminar “Electromobility in the distribution network”

Henning Schuster (Head of DSO) and Matthias Wessels were invited by the VBEW (Association of the Bavarian Energy and Water Industry) to hold a seminar on "Electromobility in the distribution network". Among others, the following topics will be discussed: - Introduction to the topic of "electromobility" - requirements for the charging infrastructure - Impact of electromobility on the distribution network (grid usage) - Grid expansion considering electromobility - etc. Target audience of the seminar are companies in the energy industry, especially management level as well as strategy and sales. Date: Wednesday, 07. November 2018 Time: 9:30 am Hotel Maritim, Goethestraße 7, Munich See also: VBEW Seminar "Elektromobilität im Verteilnetz" (German language only)  

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