CBA for a finer time resolution in the Nordic market

The objective is to identify a common Nordic concept for the implementation of a finer time resolution (imbalance settlement period of 15 min. and market time unit of 15 min.), where most of the benefits are reaped, costs are kept at an acceptable level, and the requirements set out in the network codes are respected.

Therefore the Nordic TSOs have requested E-Bridge (together with Copenhagen Economics) to perform a costs-benefit analysis on four different implementation concepts that were developed and qualitatively evaluated in a previous study (performed with the support of E-Bridge).

Main challenge was to find the precize mechanics that lead to potential benefits and then to assess these benefits with quantitative models.

The study was split between a market impact analysis and a costs analysis, where the costs were assumed to be mainly IT driven.

For the market impact analysis, a three step approach was followed, subsequently identifying and describing drivers, effects and socio-economic impacts. In a next step the identified effects and economic impacts were modeled and quantified.

For the costs assessment, market parties, TSOs and DSOs were extensively interviewed on cost drivers and costs.

The study provided the Nordic TSOs a quantitative insight of the socio-economic impact of different implementation scenarios for a finer time resolution.

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