Monitoring of congestion at the Interconnection Points of gas transmission system operators

The Agency for the Cooperation of Energy Regulators (ACER) plans to publish in May 2018 the fifth version of the yearly monitoring report on contractual congestion at interconnection points (“IPs”) compliant with the Commission Guidelines on Congestion Management Procedures (“CMP Guidelines”) for the last four years. The CMP Guidelines specify that the Congestion Report shall be based on data published by the TSOs Transparency Platform (ENTSOG TP). However, the data might not be complete and/or consistent and therefore asked to complete and analyse the data.

Due to the expected unclean and inconsistent data the service for the study is separated into three tasks. The initial phase therefore consists of data collection from necessary sources, ENTSO-G being the primary. The delivered data has then to be cleaned and different (Auction platforms and TSOs) sources to create a single source of data on IPs commercial and physical flow, technical capacities, auctions and congestions have to be combined. The final phase is all about the conclusion of the analysis in a report format. It shall include the overview of the data acquisition and analysis, methodologies used and, nevertheless, comments and recommendations.


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