Analysis of synergy effects of the organizational integration of TenneT NL and TenneT GER for the Dutch Ministry of Finance

E-Bridge conducted a further analysis of synergy effects of the organizational integration of TenneT NL and TenneT GER based on the initial analysis performed by Strategy&. E-Bridge built on the work already conducted by the Ministry with TenneT so far and evaluated selected cases based on its experience (Market design and market integration, European regulation, System operation, Investment planning, and Digitalization, Sector Coupling / Hydrogen).

E-Bridge gathered, and analysed technical information related to electricity transmission, and subsequently translated and presented the information in an effective way as a report, which was used to inform public and private stakeholders. E-Bridge focused not only on upsides of the German-Dutch cooperation but also on potential downsides. The main objective of the study was to investigate and to present tangible, understandable, examples (“cases”) of how the integrated TenneT made a difference (in both a positive and/or negative sense). In those cases, E-Bridge investigated the role of TenneT, and the process followed by TenneT, to reach its objectives. Where possible, numbers have been used to quantify the difference made by the integrated TenneT. In case this was not possible, a qualitative reasoning and description was used to demonstrate how the integrated TenneT made a difference.

In the study performed for the Ministry of Finance, the focus was not only on the “here and now, and how did we get here”, but on the potential future developments as well. Especially during the workshops organized at the Ministry of Finance, E-Bridge provided technical advice to optimize cross-border operating models or processes and cross-border planning approaches related to electricity transmission, and E-Bridge provided technical advice related to strategic developments in the electricity transmission market. E-Bridge was well-suited to so, as one of the consultants was a former employee of TenneT NL, and due to its long involvement in the North-West European TSO business, amongst others in the Nordics, Hansa, Baltics, CWE, and Core regions. In the final deliverables these inputs materialized amongst others under the question what would be lost in case of an organizational split of TenneT NL and TenneT GER, and the reflections on the potential impacts of a stronger political alignment of interests of German and Dutch government in case that the German government may become a potential shareholder (directly or indirectly via KfW). Indeed, as quite some topics are “politically sensitive”, e.g. the protection of the Energy-only Market, the bidding zone delineation, the 70% requirements from the Clean Energy Package, and the acceleration of sector coupling, a joint shareholdership with the German Government would bring the alignment on these topics directly to the political level to be solved.

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