CEO Strategy seminar for the Nordic TSOs

E-Bridge supported the Nordic CEOs in the preparation and moderation of a strategy seminar in Stockholm on 19th of April 2017. The outcome of the seminar was a joint vision of an enhanced Nordic cooperation with specific strategic measures and a high level roadmap.

The Nordic CEOs decided to have a new strategy seminar on 24th of January 2019. The objective is to review and adjust the CEO Strategy for the Nordic Cooperation. A new momentum shall be created based on trust. The strategy seminar shall provide a clear strategic direction/vision for the CEOs and the Committees.

E-Bridge prepared, facilitated and moderated a strategy seminar for the four Nordic TSOs. In a first step E-Bridge reviewed the status of the agreed actions concerning the major guiding principles set in CEO Meeting in April 2017. E-Bridge reviewed the Nordic TSOs own strategies and the EU rules and regulations, e.g. the Clean Energy Package. E-Bridge prepared and conducted interviews with the Nordic CEOs, the Committee Chairs and the Nordic NRAs.

E-Bridge prepared and moderated an interactive seminar. At this seminar the CEOs from Energinet, Fingrid, Statnett and Svenkska Kraftnät reviewed the strategic guidelines for an enhanced Nordic cooperation taking into account the accelerating energy transition. Only a strong and efficient Nordic Cooperation can deal with the challenges of an accelerating energy transition. The Nordic CEOs discussed the road to an empowered Nordic Cooperation and defined an approach to manage the changes of the energy system. Furthermore the CEOs agreed to enhance the organisation of the Nordic Cooperation to be able to reach the strategic goals and to further strengthen the stakeholder management.

Finally, it was agreed to conduct a regular review of Nordic cooperation at the CEO level and to adapt strategic measures accordingly.

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