Corporate strategy on flexibility

Relevant issues here are how to complement or replace central generation structures with decentralized generation structures, and what adjustments are necessary to continue to ensure system security, which is also essential for the procurement of system services to transmission system operators.

The TSO has formed a variety of initiatives, projects and working groups due to different needs in the most diverse areas, where partial aspects of the research question are being investigated. It also has already developed a rough corporate strategy on flexibility, but it is still very abstract. What is missing are cornerstones of an overall picture that make this strategy a reality, as well as a prioritization of projects (with limited resources).

The analysis mainly happens on the basis of the evaluation of existing elaborations as well as via interviews. E-Bridge will take into account the summary of the already carried out expert interviews. To do this, E-Bridge will summarize the opinions and experiences of internal experts, analyze them and classify them according to corporate aims.

Together with existing elaborations, concrete measures in the form of a strategy for committee work and project work as well as proposals for the meaningful further development of operational processes will be developed. An important element is also the feedback and the analysis of the existing participation in committees and the existing internal and external projects. In addition, close cooperation with other departments that are relevant to the project, such as grid planning or system operations, is essential.

E-Bridge creates a holistic strategy in line with the corporate strategy with the result of a differentiated view of the topic of flexibility, which allows projects to be classified, prioritized and supplemented in suitable places.

Two core questions must be answered: “What flexibility does the TSO need and how can these be made available?”

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