Design reference network analysis

This procedure should show how efficiently an TSO acts towards other TSOs. Based on the results of the so-called relative reference network analysis, the revenue cap of the TSO will be adjusted. If there is a relative inefficiency of a TSO, the revenue cap of the TSO can be reduced accordingly. A reference analysis has not been used in the form so far. The Federal Network Agency develops the applicable methodology. 50Hertz is deeply affected by this process and has asked E-Bridge to support the development of a positioning of 50Hertz on possible methods, to analyze the methodology of the Federal Network Agency and to act as expert in legal proceedings.

E-Bridge Consulting, together with Ef-Ruhr, is examining possible design variants for the reference analysis. Based on this and taking into account the network characteristics of 50Hertz, E-Bridge is working on a possible 50Hertz positioning regarding the choice of method. As soon as a method is selected by the Federal Network Agency, it is examined for its weaknesses and sensitivities with the aim of determining how robust the results are. If 50Hertz decides to initiate legal proceedings against the results of the Federal Network Agency, E-Bridge will assist this process as an expert.

E-Bridge has successfully supported 50Hertz in taking position for the methodology applied to measure the efficiency of TSO.

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