E-Bridge and logarithm support German TSOs with the evaluation of the week-ahead planning process (WAPP)

Due to the high demands placed on the robustness of the process and the concurrence of short computation times, deliberate decisions were made at first to accept restrictions in the process and the tools compared to a theoretical optimum.

The main goal of the joint project was the identification and evaluation of strengths and weaknesses of the two operative operational planning processes REP1 and REP2 and the calculation methods in the WAPP (GAP analysis) as well as the derivation of appropriate recommendations for action.

The framework for the qualitative and quantitative assessment of the WAPP was defined in the so-called “warm-up report”.

As part of the project, a short report was prepared. The short report summarizes the main findings of the CAP and risk analysis and derives recommended actions. The short report formed the basis for the evaluation of the due diligence certificate. The process analysis included the qualitative and quantitative assessment of the operational process execution of the two operational planning processes REP1 and REP2. The qualitative analysis was based on a comprehensive questionnaire and interview.

As part of a method analysis, the data and calculation processes used in the WAPP were examined. In particular, the methodology used in the REP calculation kernel was examined qualitatively and quantitatively.

  • Identification of potential for improvement in process execution and methodology
  • Derivation of concrete recommendations for action
  • Preparation of a due diligence certificate


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