ENTSO-E Market Analysis

As a result, the EU Commission asked ENTSO-E to provide reasons for this occurrence.

ENTSO-E commissioned E-Bridge to conduct a market analysis. The goal of the study is to investigate how market scarcities affect prices in adjacent bidding zones and cross-border interconnectors. The focus is the CWE region as well as Bulgaria, Romania, and Greece. Initially, the analysis defines how market scarcities are identified. In the next step, the effects of the observed scarcities are analyzed. These include not only effects in the bidding zone, but also the implications for the adjacent bidding zones, the usage of cross-border interconnectors, continued trade, and the activation of reserve power.

Initially, the necessary data must be acquired and prepared. Next, the statistical analysis must be performed. The results are prepared in a report for ENTSO-E which is submitted to the European Commission.

E-Bridge has successfully completed the study showing the determinants of price effects that have been observed in that time period.

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Relevant Publications & References

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