Nordic TSO Strategy Seminar

Although the TSOs are happy with the Nordic Strategy from year 2015, several topics need strategic guidance.

The seminar is based on the Nordic vision for 2025, which contains five important guidelines. The guidelines are reflected in the seminar:

  • Ensuring a future robust Nordic power grid
  • Maintaining the current high security of supply
  • Market to better support the so-called “adequacy”
  • Strengthening consumers
  • Strong voice in the EU

First, the frame was set for each CEO through an external review of collaboration through E-Bridge’s bilateral interviews. The key findings of the so-called “Solution Report” were presented in addition to the external review in the first session of the seminar. The “Solution Report” for Nordic cooperation requires a strategic specification from the CEOs. For example, important questions that require the CEOs’ instructions were formulated by the Steering Committee of the “Solution Report”.

The aim of the strategy seminar is to develop a common vision for enhanced Nordic cooperation. Therefore, the approach is to overcome obstacles and discuss with the CEOs the key strategic choices in the areas of operational collaboration, joint Nordic system development plan, vertical and horizontal expansion, and governance and fair sharing of costs/benefits.

The high-level roadmap for the way forward includes four steps:

  • Creating a Nordic system development
  • Strategic guidelines for developing cooperation
  • Improvement of governance and organization
  • Increasing of stakeholder management.

Finally, it was agreed to conduct a regular review of Nordic cooperation at the CEO level and to adapt strategic measures accordingly.

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