Strategic Regulatory Management

In a joint project with E-Bridge, which was established based on the requisite supply of data (feasibility study and interpretation) to the regulatory authority; the partners developed a long-term strategic alliance to prepare the SMEs for all of the requirements of incentive regulations, and to provide them with strategic support.

The content-based focus was re-defined each year, in order to provide the participating network operators with optimum support, including for the current requirements in day-to-day business. In addition to constant support via the hotline, feasibility studies for and evaluation of the data published, workshops and regulatory mailings, special issues were also supported. These include further developing process-cost benchmarking to a “best practice” comparison, or the cost and income forecast as preparation for the cost and efficiency reviews in the photographic years 2010 and 2011. In addition, recommendations for cost reviews for gas and electricity are issued, and support was provided for implementing the requirements of MaBis, Smart Meter and Smart Grid.

This project enabled and enables SMEs in particular to meet the requirements of the regulations in a highly efficient manner. As a result, the conditions for proper, maximum approval of the maximum income threshold improve for network operators.

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