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In autumn 2019, the Federal Network Agency (“Bundesnetzagentur”) reacted to the exceptional system imbalances in June 2019 with a package of measures. For example, the BK6 stipulated within the framework of BK6-19-212 that the quarter-hourly balances of the balancing groups must be balanced at all times.

In order to contribute to a review of the June events and in particular to discuss which behaviour of balancing group managers is desirable to support the system, Statkraft had asked E-Bridge to prepare a short study on the advantages of system-supporting balancing group management in electrical power supply systems.

The study was to investigate whether system-based balancing group management could reduce the need for control energy for power and frequency control and thus ultimately reduce the costs for the provision and demand of control energy. Furthermore, it should be examined to what extent system security is increased by system-supporting balancing group management. The study covered the following main topics:

  • The concept of “system supporting balancing group management
  • The contribution of system-supporting balancing group management to system security
  • The situation in June 2019
  • Conclusions and recommendations for action

Three main recommendations for action could be derived:

  • The adjustment of the balancing energy price mechanism will be pursued.
  • Additional transparency is to be created in the use of “other measures”.
  • System-supporting balancing group management is an important basis for a cost-effective and secure electricity supply. The admissibility of system-supporting balancing group management should therefore be recognised by the BNetzA.


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