Swissgrid SAFA implementation

Swissgrid is the Swiss national grid company and, within the scope of its legal mandate and as transmission grid owner, is responsible for the safe, reliable and economical operation of the Swiss extra-high voltage grid. In order to comply with the requirements of the Federal Act on Public Procurement and the associated ordinance, Swissgrid must implement the Synchroneous Area Framework Agreements (SAFA) and has asked E-Bridge for support.

The SAFA agreement replaces the previous Operational Handbook (OH), which was valid until April 2019 through a multilateral agreement between the transmission system operators. Since then, the SAFA Agreement has been in force, which includes requirements of the System Operations Guideline (SO GL) and the Network Codes Emergency Restoration (NC ER) as well as other policies within the SAFA Agreement.

E-Bridge supports and coordinates the core team of the project and is especially responsible for the coordination of the different work packages. At the start of the project, the various work packages will be thematically supported in defining the measures to achieve SAFA compliance. This applies thematically to the entire range of SO GL and NC ER. In the further development of the project, E-Bridge will support those responsible for the work package in implementing the measures. This includes the coordination and preparation of the content of the Steering Committee meetings, the preparation of any applications for the attention of the Executive Board or the Board of Directors, participation in the project core team for the SAFA implementation, the project management of the various work packages and the controlling of the tasks at the various levels with time, budget and scope.

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