Flexible loads in the distribution network

In the project “Windheizung” as a sub-project of the SINTEG project “WindNODE”, the client investigated the potential benefits of electrically powered heating for the distribution grid. In this context, E-Bridge prepared a study, in which a target model for the use of power-to-heat flexibility is developed, taking into account grid economic, balance sheet and grid planning interrelationships. Concrete statements are provided on the extent to which the regulatory framework must be adapted in this regard.

As part of the study, a target model for a power-to-heat grid tariff was first developed, along with business cases for the players involved. In addition, a target process was defined for the necessary energy logistics and for the interaction of the individual players. Furthermore, the impact of electric heating on the grid planning was investigated within the scope of a grid technical analysis.

The insights gained from this were finally incorporated into a summary in which concrete political recommendations for action were made.

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Relevant Publications & References

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