Further development of the concepts for network reconstruction

Due to the changing generation structure, the strong increase in plants and the changing network topology, a detailed examination and expansion of the existing network reconstruction plans is necessary.

Taking into account the various challenges, numerous questions arise that are to be addressed and answered in a total of six work packages with various partners from research and industry within the scope of the study. These work packages consider, among other things, the placement of black start units and ramp-up networks, the design of an efficient communication infrastructure, and the identification of appropriate support systems – all with the goal of a robust network reconstruction concept in the target year 2030 in mind.

E-Bridge supports the transmission system operators in designing a secure, efficient and economical communication infrastructure, which the parties can use in operational and grid reconstruction cases to achieve effective and fast coordination. This is necessary in order to ensure efficient network reconstruction in the future as well as the strategic ability to act and the position of the transmission system operators. In addition, a substantive support in the design of the necessary support systems and the interconnection of the network reconstruction plans takes place.

Furthermore, E-Bridge supports the project within the overall project organization. An essential point here is the inclusion of the various interest groups and stakeholders, for example on the part of the distribution network operators, which requires effective stakeholder management.

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