Future scenarios of the energy landscape in Bavaria 2030

Bayernwerk and E-Bridge have shown that by linking decentralized generation and load in rural communities and small towns, a high degree of regional supply (energy and power) can be achieved in Bavaria (Flower.Power). Likewise, it has been shown that even large cities can be supplied with electrical energy to a large extent by their surrounding rural communities. At the same time, against the background of the change from conventional power plants to decentralized supply-dependent generators, the question of future supply security in Bavaria arises. The ramp-up of electromobility raises the question of what contribution it can make to supply security. In particular, the high flexibility, which is also ensured by the possibility of bidirectional charging, could have a significant effect on supply security.

Building on the model for simulating the Bavarian energy landscape known from previous Flower.Power projects, the effects of different driving modes of e-cars and small-scale storage were investigated. In particular, the focus was on the degree of possible self-supply and the reduction of the maximum design-relevant load. Subsequently, the impact of this optimized driving mode of the e-vehicles and small storage units on the security of supply in Bavaria was investigated.

The simulations, for the target year 2030, showed that a significant reduction in the load on the grid can be achieved with a grid-serving use of bidirectionally charging e-vehicles as well as small storage units. However, an associated increase in self-consumption in Bavaria could only be achieved to a very small extent. In particular, due to the, in the assumed scenario for 2030, still insufficient feed-in from RE plants, only a small redistribution of this renewable energy could be achieved. Due to the low efficiencies of bidirectional charging, the storage losses also increase strongly.

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