Support of the Nordic TSOs in change management process of Nordic System Operation Agreement

E-Bridge supported the Nordic TSOs in the development of the new Nordic System Operation Agreement (SOA), a contractual agreement for system operation. After the agreement came into effect, the project was completed and the responsibility for contract maintenance was transferred to the SOA Maintenance Group. The SOA Maintenance Group is responsible for the contractual change management of the agreement. E-Bridge supported the SOA Maintenance Group administratively in project management (incl. Interim-Convener) as well as technically/content-wise in change management.

E-Bridge organized and administrated the meetings of the SOA Maintenance Group. In these meetings relevant changes and adaptations of SOA documents, which are developed by E-Bridge in advance, are discussed and coordinated with the SOA Maintenance Group. E-Bridge also prepared status reports and decision papers for the Regional Group Nordic, which acts as a steering committee. The basis for change management is a corresponding change management process, which has been developed together with the Nordic TSOs.

E-Bridge supported the Nordic TSOs in the SOA change management process and provided an important contribution to contract maintenance.

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