Support of the TSOs in the Central European region

E-Bridge is supporting the TSOs in the Central European region – which comprises the bidding zones: France, Belgium, The Netherlands, Germany/ Luxembourg, Austria, Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Slovenia, Croatia, Romania, Denmark 1, Switzerland and Italy 1 (Nord) – in their bidding zone review process since June 2020.

The 19 TSOs of Central Europe have selected E-Bridge to continue supporting the Bidding Zone Review project organization and to progress the work, through the Project Management Office and the convenor roles for the BZ Task Fore and the  Modelling Task Force.

Where bidding zone delimitation defines which exchanges are subject to the allocation mechanism, only in a flow-based allocation, a true competition between all the relevant exchanges for the scarce capacity can be established. Indeed, in a flow-based allocation, all exchanges subject to the allocation mechanism compete with one another for all the scarce capacity.

E-Bridge supported the flow-based implementation in Central-West Europe, the CORE region, performed a pre-feasibility study on flow-based allocation in the Baltics, and is supporting the Nordic TSOs and the Nordic RSC with their flow-based developments and implementation.

E-Bridge is proud to contribute to these key ingredients to establish an efficient allocation mechanism for the European integrated electricity market.

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