We are specialists for the electricity and gas industry

We are specialists for the electricity and gas industry

E-Bridge Consulting (E-Bridge) is a business consulting firm specializing in the electricity and gas sectors. E-Bridge supports numerous energy providers in implementing and realizing their strategic objectives. Our competencies span a wide spectrum: from providing technical and policy assistance in aspects concerning the regulatory framework; to developing and implementing modern operational and planning strategies; and to the successful selection and introduction of supporting IT systems. Our core strength lies in our international, practice-proven experience.

In contrast to the many consulting firms that focus primarily on revenue growth, E-Bridge, which has locations in Bonn, Germany and in Oosterbeek, The Netherlands, orients its company strategy to ongoing growth in added value per consultant. With this strategy, which truly sets us apart, E-Bridge has grown into a team of expert, experienced consultants who can solve complex strategic challenges.



Big is beautiful? Those times are over!

The “must haves” for companies in today’s energy consulting sector are flexibility and adaptability; the importance of size has decreased dramatically. In keeping with this shift, structural alliances based on market-oriented specialization and synergistic partnerships are now playing key roles. And E-Bridge, specialized and innovative, is at the cutting edge of this development, and it is now being trusted by leading energy suppliers and network operators. E-Bridge provides highly specialized consulting – often in efficient networks with other service providers – that fulfills clients’ expectations.

So “being big” has been giving way to “thinking big.” Big thinking is what our clients expect, and we deliver it daily, throughout numerous and diverse projects. In our role as partner to the energy industry, we uphold a strong sense of responsibility – both for our clients and for a sustainable German and European energy industry. We are proud of the growing trust that the sector has been placing in us as a result, and that trust is our constant inspiration.

Dr.-Ing. Henning Schuster, Managing Director

The energy supply is in an unprecedented transformation.

In this transformation, Europe is becoming interconnected in new ways, and new types of international cooperation are emerging as a result. At the same time, the energy-system transformation is creating new decentralized structures, especially via the expansion of renewable energies and storage systems for electricity supply.

To address these trends, sector players need realistic, functional – and new – scenarios; market design concepts; models for cooperation between transmission and distribution networks; and business and operational strategies. We welcome the opportunity to support you in addressing the challenges this major energy-system transformation is bringing.

Tuncay Türkucar, Managing Director



Our Philosophy

E-Bridge is one of the leading management consultancy companies in the European energy industry. This leading role derives from the combination of energy business know-how and practice-oriented implementation advice. Thus, E-Bridge contributes to a secure, competitive and sustainable energy supply.


Our Principles

  • We understand our clients’ requirements, and we view consulting as a service.
  • We keep our promises, and we usually exceed our customers’ expectations.
  • We safeguard our market leadership by hand-picking our consultants, carefully managing and building our database and carrying out professional program and project management.
  • We take pride in our loyalty – to both our clients and our staff.
  • We provide a flexible working environment that meets the needs of both our clients and our staff.
  • We encourage our staff to work independently, and we expect them to have a strong sense of responsibility.


Our Mission

E-Bridge supports companies and public authorities in developing and implementing strategic objectives. E-Bridge’s most important asset is its team of consultants, each with a top-flight education, extensive professional experience and a strong orientation to implementation. In addition, E-Bridge has access to the latest data and information of the European energy sector. With its multidisciplinary team of consultants, its extensive, current database and its direct involvement in numerous innovative projects of the European energy sector, E-Bridge is a strong and reliable partner for its clients.

E-Bridge promotes international exchange of knowledge and experience. The company and its consultants are members in the following energy and scientific associations:

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