From the regulatory framework to IT-systems – we understand the links

Very few sectors are as strongly shaped by political and regulatory requirements as the energy sector. Market and regulation are E-Bridge’s core competencies, which have developed extensively since the onset of deregulation in the 90s. E-Bridge actively took part in the conception of access rules, incentive-based regulation and network tariff structures, both in Germany and in other European countries, such as The Netherlands, The United Kingdom and Norway. We have built up a reputation as an highly knowledable and practice oriented consulting company for regulatory agencies, political institutions and regulated companies.

Comprehensive database

As part of our year-long experience, we have built a comprehensive database, which provides a reliable basis for expert evaluations and assessments. Our core competences encompass network and market simulations, benchmarking and best-practice assessments, as well as a database specifically for energy.

E-Bridge supports its clients with clear objectives, and practice-oriented

The other core competences entails sector-specific strategy and implementation strategy consulting. With clear objectives, and practice-oriented, E-Bridge supports its clients all the way from the development and approval of company strategies, along the conception and optimization of business processes, to the requirement definition and selection process for IT solutions. We are able to provide focused and specialized support along each step of the value chain, addressing network and system operation, generation and wholesale retail, all the way to distribution, decentralized generation and demand Management.




Relevant Publications & References

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