Transmission System Operators

Transmission System Operators

Transmission System Operators

As a result of growing international cooperation on the part of European transmission system operators, regional projects have been emerging, throughout Europe, aimed at promoting European market integration and European cooperation on system security.

Development of a Europe-wide regulatory framework

The ways in which key current issues – including trends in market coupling, balancing energy markets and strategies for assuring future system security – are managed will have profound impacts on future transmission-network operations and strategies. Development of the ENTSO Network Codes and Guidelines will lead to a Europe-wide regulatory framework that will require stronger cooperation, between European transmission networks, in the areas of network operation, network expansion and utilization of cross-border capacities.

Efficient support in all areas

Our consultants support transmission system operators and energy exchanges in Europe in evaluating, developing, implementing and harmonizing efficient congestion-management procedures and reserve and balancing energy markets, as well as in cooperating in the area of system security.

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