Clients about E-Bridge

Clients about E-Bridge

Clients about E-Bridge

Please see below some quotations from notable clients about their experience with E-Bridge. We would like to thank for the positive feedback and we are looking forward to further exciting projects.

The project “grid strategy 2035“, which we have realized with E-Bridge, dares to look into the future. It deals with the question of how the energy landscape in Bavaria will change. We are the largest network operator in Bavaria and have 300,000 PV systems connected to the grid. Together with E-Bridge we have tried to concretize the economic, technical and strategic issues. That was successful. We are very happy with this strategy, which we are now implementing in practice.

Dr. Alexander Fenzl (Head of Corporate Development Bayernwerk AG)

E-Bridge was a brilliant coach in our journey on the application of the flow based transmission capacity calculation approach in the feasibility study carried out by the Baltic TSOs. They introduced us to the flow based capacity calculation concept and helped to navigate through the analysis work. E-Bridge professionals were capable to apply their knowledge and competence on the flow based subject matters, and project managerial skills, guiding us to commonly-acceptable results of our study.

We would recommend to approach E-Bridge in a first instance to anyone who wants to explore the flow based capacity calculation approach, and wants to get professional project management services.

Alnis Balinš (Head of Unit Electricity Market Monitoring and Development, AST On behalf of the Baltic TSOs, AST, Elering, and Litgrid)

We are absolutely satisfied with your contribution. For us it is very useful to have the analysis of the German energy market carried out by someone who knows the market and the situation in Germany as well as you do.

Lars Erik V. Omland (Senior Adviser Regulatory Affairs at Agder Energi, Norway)

Since 2004, E-Bridge has been supporting more than 200 companies from our own cooperation association and from five more cooperation associations regarding all regulatory issues. The practice related information and support are very important especially for SMEs regarding the decision taking process on a new legal background.
Furthermore, E-Bridge supports the Bavarian representatives of SMEs in the discussions with the federal and state governments. Especially, the design of the simplified incentive mechanism according to the Incentive Regulation is one of the most important topics.

Alexander Beier (Managing Director at Kooperationsgesellschaft Ostbayerischer Versorgungsunternehmen mbH, Germany)

E-Bridge has in a number of projects supported Statnett with excellent assistance regarding the Nordic and European electricity market. These projects include design and implementation of European market coupling, technical and market design of Automatic Reserves in the Nordics, as well as evaluation of new interconnectors.
E-Bridge provides long-term experience in the respective areas, and Statnett values the combination of knowledge in both system and market issues as well as project management.

Bente Hagem (Executive Vice President, Commercial Development at Statnett SF, Norway)

E-Bridge supports swissgrid since 2010 within the conception and implementation of a value-based asset management (based on the so called PAS 55). E-Bridge is a highly appreciated partner, we made good experiences with.
Well worth mentioning is the high level in-depth methodological expertise of the consultants. The cooperative collaboration contributes to a successful implementation of current and future tasks of swissgrid.

Wolfgang Hechler (Former Head of Department Asset Management & Service at swissgrid, Switzerland)

Over recent years, we have worked with E-Bridge on a number of projects spanning the full spectrum from technical (e.g. assessing the need to upgrade our distribution network) to regulatory issues (e.g. proposals for refining quality control). We very much appreciate the in-depth knowledge demonstrated by E-Bridge and their capacity for delivering unambiguous and highly practical recommendations for even the most complex of situations.

Dr. Erik Landeck (Managing Director at Vattenfall Europe Distribution Berlin GmbH, Germany)

E-Bridge provided substantial support in drawing up the specification sheet and in inviting bids for the introduction of software for the efficient operation of power stations. We were impressed by the professional and the personal qualities of the E-Bridge consultants. Working in conjunction with our staff, they ensured that the IT tendering process during Phase 1 of the project was successfully completed within the agreed timeframe. We have been so pleased with the outcome of Phase 1 that we have now commissioned E-Bridge to supervise the implementation of the software solution.

Horst Weber (Special Assignments Energy Dispatching at VSE AG, Saarbrücken, Germany)

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