As a result of energy-sector liberalization, energy companies face new challenges in optimizing their profitability and supply quality and in minimizing their risk. While the market does offer new opportunities, companies can exploit them only by carefully adapting their operations and planning to the market’s new demands.

An in-depth knowledge of market structures

E-Bridge is an ideal partner for this new market environment. Our consultants have years of experience in the restructuring and regulation of electricity and gas markets and, in fact, have even played key roles in the restructuring of global energy markets. E-Bridge’s profound understanding of the markets’ structures, combined with its extensive experience with the operations and procedures of the German and international energy industries, are especially valuable assets for companies seeking to meet their current and future challenges.

One of the most prestigious European consultancies

Our clients, who come from all areas of the energy industry, can safely rely on our expertise. Since 2004, when it was established, E-Bridge has developed into one of Europe’s most renowned consulting firms.


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